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Anas Shaban Banah

Dr. Anas Banah, MBBS, MHA, MSHCT Dr. Anas Banah is a distinguished senior emergency medicine consultant and Chief Medical and Clinical Officer at Fakeeh Care Group. With an illustrious background in emergency department leadership and administration, Dr. Banah is a graduate of the prestigious Brigham and Womens Hospital, affiliated with Harvard University. Dr. Banahs expertise extends beyond clinical medicine, as he possesses a strong foundation in quality, patient safety, and improvement. Having completed the fellowship at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), he has led numerous large-scale improvement projects, playing pivotal roles in healthcare transformation. From designing new models of care to serving as a quality director and chief quality officer at the health cluster level, Dr. Banah has consistently contributed to the global network of healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing health equity, safety, and outcomes. He is also a medical surveyor at Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI). With a profound interest and focus on value-based healthcare, Dr. Banah earned his Master of Science in Health Care Transformation (MSHCT) from the University of Texas Value Institute. This program emphasized value-based care and outcomes, allowing Dr. Banah to design and implement multiple initiatives and projects at both local and international levels.

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King Khalid Cultural Center - Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia

The King Khaled Cultural Center is a cultural and social complex that was established to be a venue for events and conferences. The center includes multiple facilities, such as a closed theater, an open theater (the Roman Theater), a main reception hall, a dining hall, a supply hall, warehouses, a meeting hall, and a garden for families.

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